There is testable long-term T-cell immunity against Sars-Cov2

I’m very impressed with how quickly the US are rolling out the Covid-19 vaccines, while Europe looks on in wonder. The discussion of compulsory vaccination and vaccination passports emerged very early on as part of the first lockdowns already — and it is now more important than ever to stay realistic and rational. We’ve already seen events exclusively open to vaccinated people, the travel industry will pose the next big questions. But as was the case from day 1 of this pandemic, immunity does not seem to enter the discussion at all. But it must, because studies show long-term T-cell…

Whatever happened to accountability for our own actions?

Let’s parse the oft-heard statement that wearing a mask is like wearing a seatbelt: a courtesy. First off the obvious in that wearing a seatbelt is not a courtesy. In fact, it’s the opposite, it’s an act of egoism. It only protects the wearer of the seatbelt and it encourages more reckless driving, therefore putting everyone else in danger. Especially bicycle accidents and pedestrian injuries are higher, when drivers wear seatbelts. From a public safety point of view, the argument should be made that seatbelts should not be worn. As a Libertarian (in the original meaning) I would say that…

Two Golden Girl’s episodes perfectly illustrate PC BS

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Like many of us, I’ve had a lot of time to watch TV and streaming services over the past year. There came a point where I felt I had actually finished Netflix and I had binged a lot of stuff I wouldn’t have under normal circumstances. What I ended up doing, was watching a few series I had only seen as a teenager, dubbed (with ridiculous voices) on television back in Europe. The Golden Girls, for example, turned out to be quite a bit less annoying in original English, genuinely funny at times, and pretty progressive for its decade. …

A prevalent argument about Covid that isn’t quite true

If the 2020 lockdowns had been part of a comprehensive plan with all kinds of built-in safety nets for the population, I might have been ok with them. But the truth is, governments improvised — and badly. A number of countries or regions have a second round of lockdowns now, based on the same flawed reasons as last year. They’ve had a year to work out better plans. And the truth is, they’ve had decades before that to prepare. Sars-Cov2 did not come as a surprise to epidemiologists and their teams who tried to work out pandemic plans with governments.

We knew what was coming

2020 was a big distraction from real issues

I can’t deny it, I’m still really pissed about what happened in 2020 with this pandemic and I will continue to be outraged, because the one thing I have zero tolerance for is hypocrisy. So let’s look at some of the ridiculousness accented by 2020.

Healthcare coffers keep getting drained

Many countries have continually drained the budgets of important public services — healthcare, education, good journalism (just sayin’), etc. In most cases politicians are simply corrupt or in a milder form are only interested in their own power and popularity. Let’s build walls, or huge football (soccer) stadia and other vanity projects, and have parties…

My faith in scientific modesty and reason is crumbling

I’m not a spiritual person, but I trust in nature. And I’d say I believe in science. I’m a misanthropist, I do not trust in people and most of the time I don’t believe them either. I guess I always viewed scientists as an exception, with a mission to tell the truth, to be modest and reasonable. To be the ones to go: “Calm down everybody, there is no reason to panic!”. I’ve always believed people more who started a sentence with: “We cannot be absolutely sure, but evidence points toward xyz”, than people who made definitive statements.

This year…

The UK Supreme Court sets a dangerous precedent

I’ve closely followed Simon Dolan’s legal case against the UK government over the two Covid lockdowns in the UK. Not surprisingly, he had to take the case all the way to the Supreme Court — among the media-induced panic, it was probably too much to ask some judges to make any reasonable decisions and take responsibility. Now the sad day has arrived on which the Supreme Court refused to even hear Dolan’s case, setting a dangerous precedent. I will add Dolan’s full response at the end of this article.

The UK case was partly built around using the UK’s 1984…

Exemplified by the lawsuit against UK government

I am sharing in full the newsletter I received today from Simon Dolan’s lawsuit against the UK government over the 2020 Covid lockdowns. It exemplifies perfectly what is and has been going on in large parts of the world, with distortion of information, digging up of old information and “evidence” that has already been proven false, massive flaws in testing, etc. Read for yourself:

Update on Join the Legal Challenge to the UK Govt Lockdown

The legal team has made amends to the 2nd Judicial Review meaning that it’s arguments are in relation not only to the first national lockdown…

… while Donald Trump might just harass it into submission

I’m not a TV watcher, but have recently lived in an apartment with a television and have therefore on occasion been exposed to presidential campaign ads. Man, am I glad I’m a foreigner and not allowed to vote in the US — I’d be ashamed to participate in this circus.

Of course I want you guys to vote, but I don’t want you to participate in this presidential election farce. Vote for your local politicians and ignore the big hoo-ha around Biden and Trump.

They’re actually lying to you

I’ve only seen Biden ads, I guess due to the choice of TV channel I’ve been…

Because politics do actually make you stupid

The great American soap opera

As an outsider, I’ve looked at American politics with bemusement for most of my life. I’m from a small European country with pretty much a direct democracy and our top politicians often ride to work on a bicycle or public transport. All very understated and certainly no royalty-like treatment for the head of our state, no armour-plated cars or private jets. And no big drama around election time. I’ve lived in a number of European countries and experienced several forms of democracy and levels of “politicisation” of everyday life; but every two to four years it struck me as odd…

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I am a scientist and writer. I aim to be a voice of reason and facts in this distorted world in which opinions are considered truth.

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