I agree that science needs time to understand what’s going on. But we’ve had a lot of scientists and pseudo-scientists make absolut statements recently. True scientists hardly ever say “I know for sure”. And then once entire countries were on a certain track (e.g. lockdown), they chose to keep going with it, even when new evidence became available and that evidence in some cases would have suggested a strong change in course. It was in particular doctors who were at the frontline who suggested that we’d need strong strategies to protect elderly people, but that it made little sense to lock down an entire population, or very specifically, to close schools. Once this data became available, governments should have changed course. Quite early on there were also several studies that showed pretty clearly, which measures were useful (social distancing, cancellation of large events, etc.) and which weren’t (restricting people’s movements, and closing schools) in reducing the spread of the virus.

I am a scientist and writer. I aim to be a voice of reason and facts in this distorted world in which opinions are considered truth.

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