Issues with a second round of lockdowns

Exemplified by the lawsuit against UK government

I am sharing in full the newsletter I received today from Simon Dolan’s lawsuit against the UK government over the 2020 Covid lockdowns. It exemplifies perfectly what is and has been going on in large parts of the world, with distortion of information, digging up of old information and “evidence” that has already been proven false, massive flaws in testing, etc. Read for yourself:

Update on Join the Legal Challenge to the UK Govt Lockdown

The legal team has made amends to the 2nd Judicial Review meaning that it’s arguments are in relation not only to the first national lockdown but also include the SECOND lockdown currently taking place in England. The Re-Amended Statement of Facts and Grounds have been filed with the Court and the Government has been served with them.

Our case will argue that the “evidence” presented by Whitty and Vallance at the press conference on 31 October at which the new lockdown was announced included some old, suspect data and was misleading.

We will argue that in fact there was no serious escalation in the epidemic as evidenced by:

- Use of old data and overinflated warnings as to likely deaths — a subject already aired in the media

- The continuing relatively flat excess death figures compared to the five year average for the same period

- The unreliability of PCR tests as a diagnostic tool given their propensity to produce large numbers of “false” positives by picking up dead virus particles in people who have long since recovered from infection

- Lack of transparency about NHS capacity and bed occupancy and in relation to typical conditions at this time of year in previous years with the onset of the usual autumn/ winter upsurge in respiratory infections

That being the case, imposing a lockdown with all the disastrous consequences it has for health, economy etc was disproportionate and irrational.

It is only right that the consequences of both lockdowns imposed on the nation are properly considered by the Court. The most recent measures were pitched to England on the promise that come December 2nd, restrictions would be lifted and people up and down the nation could enjoy Christmas festivities.

Reports suggest that the UK could be plunged into yet more restrictions under the guise of a strengthened tiered approach with SAGE also suggesting further lockdowns will be needed to ‘recover’ from eased restrictions.

What has become evident from the first and second lockdown is that this cycle is not sustainable. Whatever economic measures and packages the Government dangles in front of us, millions are likely to lose their jobs and businesses will be forced to close down.

This flip-flop approach to lockdown, paired with the complete farce that is Test and Trace, is bringing chaos to every echelon of society. Businesses, already up against the wall, are facing another period of unsettling uncertainty. The unemployment rate continues to surge. School attendance is in chaos and with exams already cancelled for thousands, another generation is at risk of being ruined.

Lockdowns cost lives and cannot be allowed to continue.

I am a scientist and writer. I aim to be a voice of reason and facts in this distorted world in which opinions are considered truth.

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