The German who early on autopsied Covid patients

Most who died of Covid-19 would have died within the year

A clinic in Hamburg autopsies over 100 corona deaths — the results are very clear

Munich — for whom is the coronavirus really dangerous? And are there clearly definable at-risk groups for Covid-19? These questions are asked more and more during this corona pandemic.

Corona deaths in Hamburg: University hospital has bodies autopsied

Ultimately, it seems that it will take longer for scientists to develop a vaccination for Sars-CoV-19, say experts. A number of autopsies of corona deaths at the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf should therefore [amongst other information] shed light on the situation.

To be specific: Pathologists in Hamburg have autopsied over 100 bodies of people who died from Covid-19 disease — and they have arrived at very clear results.

All corona deaths had previous illness — “mostly even several”

The average age was over 80 years old, all — without exception — autopsied corona deaths showed previous illnesses, such as hypertension, cardiac infarction or organ damage.

“Very clearly, all [had] co-morbidities, in general even several”, Klaus Püschel, Director of the Institute for Forensic Medicine at the University Clinic Hamburg-Eppendorf, tells ARD Daily News. “Even those under 60 years old had often severe internal ailments that they were in some cases not aware of.”

Coronavirus in Germany: RKI wants more autopsies of corona deaths

The German federal government wants to investigate better why some people die of Covid-19 within a very short amount of time, while others diagnosed with Covid don’t even notice that they have it.

The Federal Department for Infectious Disease, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), demands that as many corona deaths are autopsied as promptly as possible. As a further strategy, the federal government wants to pass a law to enable 4.5 million corona tests per week. […]

[As a consequence of these clear results, Püschel has very early on advocated for the reopening of schools:]

Expert Püschel: The days of virologists are over

Shortly before the German chancellor’s consultation with her prime minister, the renowned forensic scientist Klaus Püschel appeals for a reopening of Germany. The time of virologists was over.

With his team, he autopsied corona deaths in Hamburg: The forensic scientist Klaus Püschel now appeals to chancellor Angela Merkel to slowly reopen Germany. “Now is the right time”, Püschel tells the Hamburg Abendblatt [Hamburg Evening News]. He adds: “The days of virologists are over. We should now ask others what the right things [to do] are in this corona crisis, for example intensive care doctors.”

According to his [autopsy] results, Covid-19 is “a comparatively harmless viral disease.” Germans needed to learn to live with it, namely without quarantine. All autopsied Covid deaths had severe illnesses and they would have “ —even if it sounds harsh — all died this year”, says Püschel.

The child and youth psychologist Michael Schulte-Markwort tells the newspaper: “None of the data known to us warrants the fear that is currently stoked about this virus in Germany.” He has the impression that the fear currently gets normalised and that none of the good news relating to the virus is even noticed anymore.

Klaus Püschel,

Disclaimer: I am against the Covid lockdowns. More reasonable measures could have been taken. Governments, media and social media created a hype and a panic where none was necessary. The lockdowns caused more harm then good in the long-term. We have all the data to prove that. Even though many countries have now loosened their measures, I still write and collect data to make sure something like this will never happen again.

I have no political affiliation. I am not an anti-vaxxer or government consipiracist. I am a well-educated, reasonable being. I advocate for people paying more attention to local government, local action according to local needs. I advocate for people leaving social media and come back to live in the real world, engage their brains and common sense.

I am a scientist and writer. I aim to be a voice of reason and facts in this distorted world in which opinions are considered truth.

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